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Create the horse you want! I know as a professional horseman it seems easy for me to say that but when I do, I am not speaking about a level of skill you need, but more so a mind set for you and your horse. 

Just think about it, the simplest encounter like placing the halter on your horse should always become a teaching experience.  Even for the most experienced horse. I know I want my horse to stay quiet, to drop her head, to allow the halter to be placed on quietly. All these things are important to creating the horse I really want. If I was to just walk over and throw the halter on, eventually the horse might start to resist. Not knowing exactly what I expect from her. When I am constantly clear, the horse then has the knowledge of what is expected and I create the horse I want. 

Another example is leading.. I can always tell which horses in my clinics are going to act up in the beginning. Although it just seems like you are walking your horse from point A to point B, it’s really something that should not be taken lightly.  Leading in most cases is your first encounter of your time with your horse. When I set out to get my horse, my mind set is very simple. The moment I decide to work with her, I change into teacher mode. Not when I get there, but when the thought comes to me. Now In my mind I make a plan for the session. What will we work on today? That doesn’t mean that can’t change, but I certainly have a starting point. 

I see so many people strolling along with their horse as he drags them to the grass, or to their friends. Of course at that point, the human reacts and takes action, shanking the horse and saying, “NO get over here “. By that time the horse has already achieved what he set out to do. As a horse person, you should want more. Ask for more. If you have a horse dragging you to the grass, to the point your dragging him back, what is the tone you are setting for the session that is to follow? Create the horse you want! Stay focused as a teacher of your horse. Keep your horse focused on you all the time when he is with you. Now here’s the trick. Make your correction quietly and quickly. Get to him while it’s still only a thought in his head.  Remember, if your action is loud and crazy, his reaction will match that or even exceed it . Your action creates a reaction every time! Don’t wait until the horse is already dragging you. Just as the horse is very in tune to his environment, you must also be in tune to him. All these small little things will not only teach the horse to be a respectful partner, but will allow you and your horse to set a tone to have a session that places you in the leadership role, and the horse in a mind set of being a willing partner.  

Remember, the level of your action, will cause the same level of reaction. 

Create the horse you really want, and you will! 

Ride safe! 

Just Believe! 


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